The foundation awards grants for the printing, distribution and/or realisation of scientific publications. This includes monographs as well as critical editions, commentaries and translations of Greek and Latin texts and the publication of excavation results.

Publications from the following subject areas can be funded:

  • Classical philology
  • Classical archaeology
  • Archaeology and art history of the Middle Ages
  • Reception of antiquity and the Middle Ages in the Western tradition

Overview of funded projects

  • CICERO – Studies on Roman Thought and Its Reception ; series (since 2018, ongoing)
  •  Justin Vollmann (ed.), Eberhard der Deutsche: Laborintus, Basel: Schwabe 2019 (ISBN 978-3-7965-4085-1).
  • Heinrich Löffler (ed.) Johann Jakob Spreng, Allgemeines deutsches Glossarium, Basel: Schwabe 2021 (ISBN  978-3796543234).
  • Cédric Scheidegger Lämmle, Gesine Manuwald (eds.) Cicero – Opera omnia Ed. Andreas Cratander, Basel 1528, Basel: Schwabe 2022 ( ISBN 978-3-7965-4343-2).
  • Alessia Grillone: La traduzione latina del ‹Nicocles› isocrateo di Guarino Veronese, Berlin: De Gruyter 2022 (ISBN 9783110792867).