De Gruyter


In collaboration with the Berlin-based academic publisher Walter de Gruyter, the book series CICERO – Studies on Roman Thought and Its Reception was established, in which publications have been appearing since 2019 that focus on “all aspects of Roman philosophy, history, rhetoric, politics, legal and cultural history and their reception, including patristics and Christian philosophy”. Funding by PLuS makes it possible to publish these books at no cost to the authors (selected after a strict peer review procedure), at half the price for the paper version and free of charge straight away as an e-book.

Furthermore, PLuS finances the series “LUMINA – Leitbegriffe der griechischen und römischen Kultur und ihre Rezeption”, published by De Gruyter. This symposium series will bring together monographs and anthologies dedicated to the study of the historical alterity of concepts and their subsequent transfor-mation. As with ‘CICERO’, PLuS funding allows these books to be published at no cost to the authors, at half the purchase price for the printed version and free of charge as an e-book.

A printing grant also made it possible to realise the publication of Alessia Grillone’s critical edition of the Latin translation of the Nicocles isocrateo by Guarino Veronese:

Alessia Grillone: La traduzione latina del ‹Nicocles› isocrateo di Guarino Veronese, Berlin: De Gruyter 2022 (ISBN 9783110792867).