Call for Applications for a Fellowship Key Concepts of Graeco-Roman Culture – From 1.10.2024

Call for Applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship

The PLuS Foundation Basel ( invites applications for a
postdoctoral fellowship of two years from 1.10.2024 to support the study of

Key Concepts of Graeco-Roman Culture and Their Reception

Funding is provided for scholarly research on key concepts that are characteristic of Greek
and/or Roman culture: projects are expected to delineate the historical alterity of a particular
key concept and its potential repercussions until the present day and, where appropriate, to
account for differences in its uses between the Greek and Roman worlds in a comparative
framework. Projects may also focus specifically on the reception and transformation of a
particular key concept. Any proposed project is expected to be based on the meticulous study
of the ancient source material and to focus both on conceptual aspects and on the historical
and pragmatic anchoring of the respective concept.
The resulting scholarly work may be written in English, French, German or Italian. Subject to
the positive evaluation of the complete work, the publication of the research results may be
included in the PluS Foundation’s series LUMINA published by Walter De Gruyter.

Stipend, duration and eligibility criteria

Fellows are offered a stipend of 1.800 € per month for a maximum duration of two years. The
prerequisite for application is a completed doctorate (PhD) in one of the following subject
areas: Classical Philology/Classics, Greek, Latin, Medieval or Renaissance Latin, Ancient
History, Ancient Philosophy (provided applicants produce proof of their knowledge of the
ancient languages). An application may not be submitted more than eight years after
completion of the doctorate.

Further particulars

  • A fellow’s additional earnings may not exceed 12.000 € / year.
  • The stipend is paid in instalments of which the first is paid at the starting date of the
    Fellowship to cover the first six months; further instalments are paid quarterly. At the end of
    the fifth month as well as every six months thereafter, Fellows are required to submit a report
    on the status of their work. The disbursement of funds is conditional on the positive evaluation
    of the report by the Foundation
  • A final report of two pages is to be submitted no later than three months after the end of the
    funding period; it will be published on the Foundation’s homepage.
  • It is desirable that Fellows be affiliated with an established scientific institution such as a
    university or a research institute, as evidenced by a letter of confirmation from the respective

Application procedure

The application may be written in German, English, French or Italian. The dossier is to be
submitted electronically in a single PDF file to be uploaded via the web-form on the
Foundation’s homepage; it must contain the following documents:

  • (1) Completed application form (web-form on the Foundation’s homepage).
  • (2) CV incl. list of publications; in addition, candidates are required to submit a maximum of three of their publications of their choice (to be uploaded in separate pdf files via the web-form)
  • (3) Detailed description of the research project that may not exceed a maximum of 25,000 characters (including spaces); it is to be structured as follows:
    • Research question and innovativeness of the proposed project
    • State of previous research
    • Applicant’s own previous research
    • Approach in terms of method and theoretical horizon
    • Expected results
    • Feasibility within the funding period
    • Schedule and milestones
    • Bibliography (limited to the most important titles)

The Foundation does not accept applications that are also submitted to other funding
institutions at the same time or within six months.

Relatives (up to the fourth degree) of members of the Beirat or the Stiftungsrat of PLuS may not submit an application.

Evaluation procedure and decision

All applications are reviewed by the Beirat of the PLuS Foundation, which may consult
external reviewers. The final decision is made by the Stiftungsrat, which publishes the result
of the selection process on the Foundation’s homepage. The successful applicant will be
notified of the decision via e-mail by 15.9.2024. He/she may start their fellowship on 1.10.2024,
after signing a funding agreement with PLuS. If the first-placed applicant withdraws her/his
application, the fellowship will be offered to the next-placed candidate according to the rank
order of application. In consultation with the Foundation, the starting date may be delayed
until 31.12.2024.

Grant decisions by the Foundation are not subject to appeal.

Complete application dossiers must be submitted by 15.4.2024.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

For further information, please refer to