Funding grants for scientific publications – Year 2024

The PLuS Foundation Basel (

is launching for the year 2024

competitive grants to support publications in the fields of Classics/Greek and Latin Literature, Classical Archaeology, the Archaeology and Art History of the Middle Ages, and the Reception of Ancient and Medieval Culture in the Western Tradition.

Funding is typically only available for monographs in one of the above-mentioned fields as well as
for editions, translations of, and commentaries on, Greek and Latin texts or the publication of
archaeological findings. Publications may be written in English, French, German, Italian, Latin and
Spanish. Digital-only publications are not eligible for funding.

Available funding, eligibility criteria and deadlines

For the calendar year 2024, the PLuS foundation will support scientific publications with a total
sum of 15.000 €.
Funding is provided exclusively for the effective publications costs which may include the cost for
editorial work and translations; salary costs or overhead costs cannot be covered by the grant. The
Foundation supports publications regardless of where the respective research was conducted or
where the resulting book will be published. It is at the discretion of the Foundation to decide
whether the publication costs will be covered in full or in part. Recipients of the grant are required
to advertise the PLuS Foundation’s contribution and to include the Foundation’s logo in the printed

Application procedure

The application may be written in English, French, German or Italian. The dossier is to be
submitted electronically in a single PDF file to be uploaded via the web-form on the Foundation’s
homepage; it must contain the following documents:

  • Complete manuscript of the publication for which funding is sought (minimum of 90% of the ms., incl. bibliography).
  • CV incl. list of publications of all authors
  • Detailed information on any funding already received as well as on funding applications submitted to other funding bodies
  • Information on the publication venue, costs and peer review, including:
    • 1a. Confirmation from the designated publisher that the ms. has successfully passed a peer review (with the respective reader reports) or, in the case of alternative forms of assessment, a letter from the series editors with their evaluation and information on the respective criteria.
    • or
    • 1b. in the case where a publisher has not yet been selected, two letters of recommendation from established academics who do not maintain a close relationship with the applicants to confirm that the ms. of a high scholarly standard and worthy of publication.
    • 2. Detailed calculation of the publication costs the applicants seek to cover, together with a confirmation from the publisher

Relatives (up to the fourth degree) of members of the Beirat or Stiftungsrat of PLuS may not submit an application.

Evaluation procedure and decision

Proof that an application meets all the requirements detailed above must be submitted in full by the
deadline (30 November).
All applications are reviewed by the Foundation’s Beirat which may consult external reviewers. The
Beirat assesses the applications according to the criterion of excellence. Applications who do not
meet all requirements will be excluded from the selection process; the reasons for the exclusion will
be communicated to the applicant in writing. In the case of equal merit, applications from junior
researchers will be prioritised.

The final decision is made by the Foundation’s Stiftungsrat, which publishes the result of the
selection process on the Foundation’s homepage (
Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail no later than 40 days after the closing date of the
application round; they will be required to sign a grant agreement with PLuS. If a successful
applicant withdraws her/his application, a grant may instead be offered to the next-placed candidate
according to the rank order of applications.

Grant decisions by the Foundation are not subject to appeal.

Complete application dossiers must be submitted by 30 November 2024 via the web
form on the Foundation’s homepage. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

For further information, please refer to