Schwabe Verlag

There is a long-standing cooperation with the Basel-based publisher Schwabe, through which the Foundation has participated in the realisation of important academic publication projects that correspond to the funding priorities of PLuS.

For example, a grant to cover printing costs made it possible to produce a new edition of one of the most important poetics of the Middle Ages, edited by Dr Justin Vollmann, who added a translation and annotations to the work.

  • Justin Vollmann (ed.), Eberhard der Deutsche: Laborintus, Basel: Schwabe 2019 (ISBN 978-3-7965-4085-1).

The foundation also supported the project of the German scholar Prof Dr Heinrich Löffler, who published the previously unpublished “Allgemeine Deutsche Glossarium” by the Basel scholar Johann Jakob Spreng (1699-1768).

PLuS was also involved in the promotion of the production and distribution of the monumental facsimile edition of Cicero’s works from Andreas Cratander (Basel, 1528). Under the academic responsibility of Dr Cédric Scheidegger Lämmle and Prof. Dr Gesine Manuwald, the project was completed in 2022: